3 ways Spice up your Goals

Updated: Mar 25

Sometimes, as we’re on the road to becoming better versions of ourselves, we get run down by the mundanity of making progress.

It takes a lot of work to turn a routine into a habit. It takes even more work to turn a habit into an accomplished goal.

That challenging work can make it easy to abandon a project when it stops being new and exciting.

Don't give up! There are plenty of ways to spice up our goals with some spontaneity.

Below are my best tips to spice up your goals!

1. A Chance Workout

One of the biggest barriers to doing anything—including chores, workouts, mental cool-downs—is choice.

Look up at-home workouts, stress relief tips, or self-care rundowns, and you’re bound to find dozens and dozens of options.

Armed with the solutions to fix your problems, you still can’t overcome the barrier of where to begin. One simple solution to this problem? Dice!

With a $10 dice kit from Amazon, you can stay active with a workout that changes every day. Whether you’re working out at home or at the club, take a 20-sided die, write down 20 different exercises, and roll to see which will make up your routine that day.

Or if you want to maintain a little more control, write down 10 upper body and 10 lower body exercises, and roll a 10-sided die to choose a little bit from each list.

This tactic can be used with countless hard-to-maintain habits. Flustered by a crowded to-do list? Jot down the top four to six priorities and roll to see which you can work on first. Roll to decide how to calm down in a stressful situation. The ideas of how to use this method are endless.

Wherever you can, hand over a little control to chance. And little by little, what was once a chore will start feeling not only more possible, but also more thrilling and unexpected.

2. The Goal Jar

Often, it’s better to narrow our focus to one big goal at a time, versus several all at once.

If you want to make this practice a little more fun, write all of your large goals out on popsicle sticks, and stick them goal-side-down in a special decorated Goal Jar. Each month—or every two weeks—pull out one stick to decide what goal you’ll focus on.

There are dozens of ways to personalize this! Instead of sticks in a jar, you can use these methods:

  • Jot down goals on pieces of paper inside of a top hat

  • Write goals on the spokes of a spinner wheel

  • Write on the balls of a tabletop Bingo game

Use it as a fun way to get the whole family involved. The purpose is to leave at least one element of that goal-achieving process to chance.

3. Personal Cheerleader

Sometimes, the best thing to keep us going is a little encouragement.

Put a twist on the tried-and-true accountability buddy system by asking a friend if you can be each other’s personal cheerleaders.

Every day for a month, you and your friend will send each other warm, encouraging messages and push each other to go after your current goals. If you want to take it up a notch, mix in surprise challenges to help the other accomplish what they want to accomplish.

It can be hard to pump ourselves up or give ourselves the credit we’re due, but it’s easier to cheer on and accept praise from a friend.

Pour positivity into someone else, and accept the love they send in return.

No matter what your goals are, you can reach them.

Reaching your goals isn't easy—but that challenge is what makes us feel so amazing when we finally do. As you continue to pursue your goals, remember that if you can imagine it, you can achieve it!

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