Benefits of Varying your Exercise Regimen

As humans, we are creatures of habit. When we get into the gym, we often want to turn to our tried-and-true exercises. We know we can do them and do them well. Plus, we know we won't make a fool of ourselves trying a new machine.

So we go back to what we've always done, and week-by-week, we do the same exact exercises over and over again. But today we're going to talk about the benefits of varying your exercises!

How do I vary my exercise regimen?

What do I mean by varying your exercises? Well, although trying something new is always great, that's not exactly what I mean. Varying your exercises could even be small, micro-changes.

For example, if you usually run on the treadmill, try running outside. Or if you usually run long-distance, add some interval training into your routine. Or if you usually split your workouts up by working various parts of your body, try adding in a full-body day.

Even if they aren't huge changes, varying your exercise regimen will help your body, mind, and soul. Your overall well-being will improve. But here are the specifics of why varying your exercises is helpful!

Benefits of Varying your Exercise Regimen

1. Prevent overuse injuries

This is perhaps the most important aspect of why you should vary your exercises. When you put your body through the same repetitive motions over and over again, you can get an overuse injury pretty quickly.

A repetitive strain injury happens when certain muscles are overused repeatedly, while other muscles are extremely weak from not ever using them.

By moving your body in different ways, you can rest your overused muscles, while working on other muscles that don't often get used. Your body will be overall more balanced and strong in the end, leading to fewer overuse injuries!

2. Develop new muscles

I touched on this in my previous point, but doing a variety of exercises will give your body a chance to move new, different muscles. For example, if you get a good mix of cardio and weight training, you'll have a strong heart and strong limbs.

By developing a variety of muscles, you will be prepared to take on any challenge that you face in your day-to-day life. A huge box you have to lift? No problem! Running from a stray dog? Well, let's hope this doesn't happen, but if it does, you'll be prepared because you've trained in a variety of ways.

3. Lose more weight

Although losing weight shouldn't be your top priority, we can't deny that it is one of the top reasons that many people work out. When you do the same or similar workouts everyday, your body becomes efficient. Basically, your body becomes used to that workout, and you end up burning less calories.

To lose more weight, you need to challenge your body in a way that you're not used to. Your body won't be used to the new workout, which will increase the amount of calories you burn.

4. Make your mind happy and healthy

Let's face it, at some point, we get sick of even our absolute favorite exercises. If we do the same thing one too many times, we get bored! That's just human nature. But mixing up your workouts keeps your mind happy. Your mind likes to experience new, fresh, and exciting exercises to fend off workout boredom.

Especially when you start feeling yourself getting really sick of your favorite workout, you know it's time to switch it up.

Plus, your mind likes to be challenged. To keep your mind sharp, teach yourself new physical skills.

5. Get excited about exercise again

Maybe you've reached a plateau in your cycling classes, and it makes you feel discouraged about your well-being journey. But by getting out there and trying something new, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement!

When you're trying a new exercise, it's not longer about beating your old stats. It's just about trying and doing. If you simply complete the exercise, you will feel so much better about yourself! It will fuel you with the excitement to continue on with your exercise regimen.

The Best Way to Vary your Exercises

The best way to vary your exercises is to try group exercise classes or group training. Your Group Exercise Instructors will take you through movements you would have never thought of yourself, especially if you try something completely new and out of your comfort zone.

For example, you could try Pilates, or cardio dance, or water aerobics. Even if you've never tried the exercise before, don't worry! The newer the better. Just try something new, and move your body in a foreign way. It will pay off!

Best of all, you'll meet new friends in your group exercise classes. You'll not only benefit your physical well-being, but also your emotional well-being.

Give it a shot, venture outside your comfort zone, don't be afraid, and always remember to be proud of yourself!

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